Monday, September 12, 2016

Wanted List

Check out the list of hot selling items and be sure to toss them in your consignments before coming in for your appointment. As of now we are looking for the fall and winter seasonal items that will come up over the next couple months. Regular clothing will be on a as needed basis and changes daily.
·         Halloween Costumes
·         Snow Gear: Snowsuits, Snow Boots, Winter Jackets
·         Rain boots
·         Rain jackets and pants
·         Mittens and Gloves
·         Ice skates
·         Womens fashion scarves
·         Baby gates
·         Baby monitors
·         Quality shoes
·         Fleece pajamas
·         Suits
·         Play yards
·         Crib Sheets
The following items are on our wish-list and have customers waiting to purchase them:
·         Walkers
·         Play yards
·         Baby Gates
·         High chairs
·         Excersaucers
·         Jumperoos
·         Jump Ups
·         Double strollers
·         Gliders
·         Dressers
Don't have an appointment? We are happy to look at your baby gear and furniture any day of the week. When in doubt, please feel free to give us a call at the store (360-794-5801) and check. Handy Tips: All clothing and shoes must be freshly laundered AND folded in 1 box or laundry size tote. Have your name and phone visible on the outside. Want to stay up to date? Join our Grow with Me Families group!


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