Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Whackdoodles and Wanderlust now available at Grow with Me Boutique

Whackadoodles and Wanderlust  
The wait is over!  Stop in and check out the new selection of custom designer jewelry at Grow with Me Boutique. Each individual item Whackadoodles creates is handmade with love and attention right here in Monroe, WA. They create every piece using antique silver plated or sterling silver flatware! You will see the cutting edge influence of the Great Northwest in each art piece. They are a family owned company that chooses to buy local whenever they can. The next great “find” for a project is part of the adventure. They have a passion for what they do and it shows. The following quote speaks the heart of what they do.
“We don’t mind if it’s chippy and old. We don’t care if it’s faded, rusty or worn. We LOVE the story behind it, the history within it and the patina on it! JUNK!” 

 Whackadoodle Special
Save 10% on 2016 Grad Pieces!
*savings available through Tuesday June 21st

Local Owner, Local Consignors, Local Buyers


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