Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lemon Milkmakers Singles Now Available

Grow with Me makes it a priority to carry not only the hottest products in the parenting industry but also to seek out local companies!  Did you know Milkmakers is based out of Seattle WA?  Their mission at Milkmakers is to empower women through breastfeeding.  They want to supply mom with a delicious solution to help make every day abundant with milk. Each mom’s journey is unique. 

Milkmakers cookies contain the highest quality ingredients: premium, all-natural, organic. Preservative free, dairy free, fenugreek free. Delicious and nutritious. Only the best for you and your baby.

Each batch of cookies is jam packed with natural galactagogues, to encourage milk production.  An assortment of specially formulated vitamins and minerals are carefully added to the cookies to ensure Mom is receiving the nutrients needed to best support mama and baby.

 Local Product Special
Buy 2 oatmeal raisin get 1 FREE.  No Limit!
*savings available through Tuesday June 28th

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