Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March Closet Makeover Month
Come on ladies!  You all know you need it.  You may have taken the time to look through your children's closet but how about yours?  When was the last time you changed it up or added some color?  Grow with Me Boutique has a large selection of women's clothing ranging from size XS-2X.  Stop in and see what's new.  Try something on, you might fall in love!
The amount of handbags to pick from out there can be overwhelming. Different sizes and styles can have you wondering which one you should pick. Like clothing, you should pick a handbag that flatters your body the most! 
If you’re petite…
  • Look for bags that have shorter handles or (if possible) adjustable straps.
  • Remember smaller bags make you appear taller.
  • Have a bag that can fit everything you need without being too big.
  • Wear oversized, slouchy bags, they will not balance your figure.
  • Wear multiple bags at once. You’ll look lost with everything going on!
If you’re tall…
  • Wear medium, large, and oversized bags. They will flatter your height best.
  • Have a somewhat larger clutch if you’re going out. This will give you more storage as a bonus!
  • Use a slouchy, hobo style bag if you want to add curves.
  • Wear small or tiny handbags, they won’t be proportionate to your height.
  • Feel like all of your bags have to be big. A medium sized bag can be a perfect fit if you don’t like large ones.
If you’re pear shaped…
  • Stick to bags that will fall between your natural waist and above the hips. This will help make your shoulders look broader and create balance throughout.
  • A satchel handbag will usually fall comfortably at your waist and hips.
  • Holding a clutch higher up will draw eyes away from your hips if you do not want attention there.
  • Wear bags that fall below the hips. The bag will play up the width of your hips and not your shoulders
  • Carrying large, oversized bags in the crook of your arm will lower the bag’s placement on your body, drawing attention to your lower half. If you do not want eyes drawn to your hips, carry your bag on your shoulder instead. However, some women are proud of their curvy hips and enjoy showing them off! (Like Beyoncé).
If you’re apple shaped…
  • Know that structured, wide handbags will be a great friend to you and balance out your upper half.
  • Remember tote bags are also a great type of hand bag that will flatter your shape and can carry more items.
  • Wear the long satchel strap on one shoulder, not across, if you have a fuller bust. 
  • Wear shoulder bags that fall at the bust line, it can make it more pronounced if you do not want attention there.
  • Crossbody bags also may not flatter you best if you do not want your chest more pronounced.
If you’re straight up and down…
  • Wear satchel and hobo bags to give you curves to you figure.
  • Let your bag hang around your waist, shoulder bags are great for this!
  • Try different sizes and styles to see which gives you the most curves.
  • Have your bag hang below your hips. It will make you look straight instead of giving you curves.
  • Wear overly structured bags, they too will take away any curves you want.
 Most Important is to find the right bag to fit your needs and appeals to your 
eyes.  Don't be afraid to try a bold color for spring and summer!
* Info provided by www.skinny-bags.com
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