Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Parenting and Bedtime Routines

Life is a work in progress!  Just when I think I've got it all figured out it...Progresses.  Most of the time my attitude about it, how much effort I put into it, and how I manage it, is determined by how tired I am.  Ever feel this way? 

Joyful Courage Three Tools to Taking Back Bedtime

  Casey from Joyful Courage has a special way of shining light on how the child thinks and feels.  I have an easier time (not that it is perfect) thinking about how my spouse feels in a situation but don't think the same way about my kids.  Sad I know, but true.  Today I will try a new approach... How about you? We enjoy your comments so please leave them below.
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Graeme Will said...

Parenting is an attitude or we may call it as a duty; most of the people are used to take good lessons from expert and other sources to repair their parenting style. It is quit tough to manage both the duties parenting and personal issues. But still we should be more dedicated towards parenting and taking very good care of our baby.

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