Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Newly expanded cloth selection

Grow with Me Boutique is excited to be your cloth diapering resource! We are proud to announce two new cloth diaper lines that have been added to our offerings - Funky Fluff and Gro-Via. 

Funky Fluff is a cloth diaper line based out of Toronto, Ontario and is owned by long time friends Kathy and Tricia. Funky Fluff cloth diapers are a "3 in 1" system, meaning you can use them as an "All in One," "All in Two" or "Pocket" style diaper. This versatility of use is sure to fit whatever way you like to use your cloth diapers. Each diaper is fit with waterproof PUL and the option of stay-dry micro suede or bamboo terry. The stay dry material option quickly wicks moisture away while the bamboo material offers superior absorbency and natural fibers. Funky Fluff diapers are "one size," so they will fit most babies from birth to potty training, thanks to the adjustable rise and waist. Coordinate your whole stash with matching Funky Fluff diaper liners and wet bags.

Are you on the fence about this whole "washing diapers" thing? Did you know that Gro-Via offers a hybrid diaper system? Also now available at Grow with Me Boutique, Gro-Via offers parents and caregivers the option to choose between cloth or their disposable, biodegradable BioSoakers. These are perfect if you want to a more natural option than standard disposable diapers but don't want to commit to 100% cloth diapering all the time. The BioSoakers are fragrance, dye, plastic and chlorine free. Just toss them when you're done. Both inserts styles are used with their washable and reusable diaper shell, so you can vary which insert you use based on what you are doing that day. You'll also find Gro-Via's All-In-One cloth diapers at Grow with Me. An "All In One" diaper functions very similarly to how a disposable does - there's no stuffing involved. You just put it on the baby and wash it when it's soiled. These are the easiest and least intimidating diapers to leave with a caregiver.  Gro-Via diapers are available as one-size and they also have an offering of newborn diapers for those wanting to start cloth from birth. 

  Who has trouble finding cloth diaper safe diaper balm?  Grow with Me now offers Magic Stick All-Natural Diaper Balm
Diaper rash is no match for the Magic Stick All Natural Diaper Balm.  Easily and cleanly applied using a twist-up tube, this diaper rash treatment is colorless, organic, and petroleum-free.

Come in today to see for yourself what these cloth diapers look like and how easy it is to make the switch.  Be sure to sign up for our Great Cloth Diaper Change event that is taking place on April 18th to enter for a chance to win some very fluffy prizes!


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