Thursday, November 14, 2013

Winter Skin Solutions

Winter Skincare

The winter months are upon us and now is the time to think differently about the way you care for your skin. Between the harsh weather outside and the blasting heat inside, your skin needs extra TLC during the colder months. Many of us are accustomed to hydrating our skin with lotion after washing, but don't forget that hydration begins in the shower or bath with gentle products that cleanse and moisturize at the same time. We are now carrying skincare products by Twisted Tomboy and Episencials.
Twisted Tomboy? Yes.....a skincare line created by a local teenage girl. A girl who loves to play sports, but also likes to be girlie. "If I am going to sweat, I better look good doing it, " she says. Twisted Tomboy has lip balms, scrubs, soaps and lotions, all in fun, energetic scents made right here in Washington. Swing into Grow with Me for the full story and try on a new scent for yourself.
With Episencial, skin care is health care. Episencial combines advanced skin care technology with Actively Healthy™ ingredients including probiotics, neem oil and botanically-sourced essential fatty acids and antioxidants to enhance skin immunity and defend against daily environmental challenges from water, sun and air. With industry-leading 70% and 95% organic formulas, the entire Episencial skin care system is safe for newborns and good for the planet. Manufactured in the U.S. using solar power and with recycled and sustainable packaging.


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