Thursday, October 3, 2013

Joshlynn's Journey -Life with Gunner

Here is what has been happening the last month..

What a surreal month it's been! The past four weeks have been filled with challenges, a little less sleep, and more love than I could have ever imagined. Gunner is such love and joy to our family. Some of my favorite moments are seeing him with his daddy. He loves that little boy to the max! It seems like just yesterday we were bringing Gunner home from the hospital and introducing him to family and friends. Being a mother is the most incredible thing ever! It's amazing how much love you can have for someone who uses you as a food source, nap pad, burp cloth and source of entertainment. He continues to amaze me each and every week as he grows and develops. Just in the 4 four weeks of being a mommy to Gunner, I've slowly been learning his likes and dislikes. But it's safe to say that, he is a good mellow baby, and breastfeeds like a champ! He feeds every 2-3 hours around the clock, give or take a diaper or two. 
As tired as I am, I'm feeling great. I have two weeks until my postpartum check up. I'm eager for that green light to get back to the gym and feel great again in my pre-pregnancy clothes. I fit in most of my tops, it's my pants, where I'm having the most trouble. I have about 10lbs to loose before I'm back down to pre-pregnancy weight.

Overall,I don't think I could not have done so well this past month if it wasn't for my husband. We've also had help from family members bringing us dinners, watching Gunner, and bringing us diapers. To have so much support around us is a huge blessing and we are so grateful for everyone's help. 

Holds his head up on his own. 
Miles of smiles! It just melts my heart. 
 Fascinated with everything around him indoors and outdoors.

Things he likes:
Being center of attention
Milk, milk, and more milk! 
Bath time
The motion in the car 
Pats on the back 
Being shhh'd 

Things he dislikes:
Getting his diaper changed
Getting his face cleaned after eating
Being tickled 
Getting out of the bath


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