Monday, August 19, 2013

Joshlynn's Journey -Hospital Bag

All our bags are packed.. and we are READY to go!

At first I was a bit clueless on what to pack in our bags until I asked numerous mom's and researched checklists upon checklists on "What to pack for your hospital stay". I wanted to only really bring things I would 'need' and things that were to make our short stay as comfortable as possible. So I packed my bag as though I was on a mini vacation. There are some things missing in these pictures as I still use them daily but I will include them in my list for you to see. 

Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone else who is wondering on what to pack in your hospital bag. 

What's in Mommy's Bag?
2 pairs of comfy lounge pants, 2 camis to easily nurse in 
Comfy bra- I plan to buy a fitted nursing bra at the hospital 
Pink nursing lounge gown & robe from Baby Be Mine Maternity 
3 pairs of socks ,  7 pairs of underwear
Tooth brush, Travel size toothpaste , Travel size mouth wash 
Make-up: There will be pictures 
Apple flavored Chap-stick
Travel size make-up facial cleansing wipes
Travel size hand sanitize, Travel size body wash 
Travel sized Shampoo & conditioner
"It's a 10" hair serum
Assorted head bands, Hair ties 
Disposable nursing pads, Pads 
What's in Daddy's Bag?
1 pair of pj's 
1 pair of jeans 
2 tee shirts 
1button up
3 pairs of socks 
Travel size body wash
Travel size deodorant 
Tooth brush , Travel sized toothpaste
Travel sized mouth wash
Crew hair gel
Snacks for daddy
Northwest Sportsman Magazine 
Sparkling cider in celebration 
  List of things that I'll grab as I walk out the door since we need them everyday.
Hair brush & comb
Water bottle
Extra pillows for me & pillow & blanket for daddy
Phones, cameras, and chargers  
Daddy's shaver 
Hospital book & forms
Ready to mail out birth announcements my mother-in-law hand crafted 
...And then of course we have baby's bag! 
Nursing cover
2 receiving blankets
Travel changing pad
Travel wipes
Newborn diapers
Newborn cap
1 warm outfit 
1 cool outfit 
2 pairs of newborn socks
Burp cloth & Wet bag from Sweet Bobbins
Washable & disposable nursing pads 
I can not believe in just a few weeks we will have our little one to finally fill in these tiny, adorable clothes. 
Have I forgotten anything? Anything you would recommend? 





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