Friday, July 12, 2013

Joshlynn's Journey -Belly Problems

3 ways my belly gets in the way

Having a huge belly certainly gets in the way. My belly has gone from adorable and finally showing to feeling huge and bumping into things!

Here are 3 ways my belly gets in the way:

1. Bending over: Bending over at the waist is no longer comfortable and easy to do without squatting. I never realized until I became pregnant how often I drop things on the floor and how difficult it really is to pick back up.

2. Bumping: I'm constantly knocking things over or bumping my belly into things.

3. Eating: There is absolutely no room for a full meal in my tummy with a 31 week sized baby. Eating smaller meals frequently, helps with the crowdedness.

Regardless of these changes, I still find pregnancy to be completely amazing in every way!

What sort of changes do or did you find difficult with having a belly?


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