Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Joshlynn Journey -Week 29 and 30

How I feel about being pregnant: Pretty yucky this week. I was battling with nausea and a head cold at the same time! I went to my 29 week doctors appointment to check up on baby. Turns out we both are doing extremely well. I start seeing my doctor every two weeks now until I hit 36 weeks where I'll begin to see the doctor once a week up until delivery.  It feels like these last 10 weeks are going to be the longest and the most anticipated. We are so thrilled! I'm feeling fantastic having loads of energy...I don't know what to do with it all!

What I'm looking forward to most: We will have our last ultrasound done at or around 36 weeks to measure baby and know if we will need to be scheduled for a cesarean. Our last ultrasound was done at 21 weeks, I'm excited to see how much he has developed since then.

Symptoms: Braxton hicks contractions, nausea, back ache, heartburn, fullness, and shortness of breath while laying down.

What I have done to prepare for baby: I haven't done much of anything except rest due to not feeling well. I am anxious to get my hands on the nursery. Just a few more days!

Funny moment: My husband finds my eternal struggle to roll/get out of bed amusing.. Me, not so much.
What I'm most excited about:
What I've done to prepare for baby: My husband has started the last of the home improvements before baby's grand debut. He is repainting and replacing the hardwood floors in all the bedrooms and the hallway with carpet. I can't wait to give all of you a nursery tour!

Stay tuned for week 31..


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