Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Joshlynn's Journey - Week 23 and 24

Baby size: 10.5 inches & 1.3 lbs

How I feel about being pregnant: Feeling VERY pregnant. Some days  I wish I had someone who walked around with me just to hold my belly up. Oh and bending over, it has now become this awkward wide leg sumo wrestler stance. Although, on the bright side of this gloom I have a loving husband, and you know what he is great for? Aside from a good by stander to laugh at the sumo stance. He can tie my shoes! 

Symptoms: Mostly lower backache, aching hips, and heartburn. 

Cravings: Anything sweet or sour. 

Something sweet my husband did for me: Going through all sorts of changes physically and emotionally I can't thank my husband enough for how patient and supportive he has been all throughout this journey of me being pregnant. He also installed and air conditioner!
Something I did to prepare for baby: I don't see a need to buy all brand new items for a child that grows incredibly fast.. With that being said, I recently purchased a very nice and gently used pack-n-play from work and a few inexpensive baby items that were on my registry at a near by garage sale. 

Funny Moment: My husband picked up pregnancy cravings: His craving this week was Eggo Waffles with a side of eggs, and bacon 

Special moment: I just love falling asleep to baby's squirms, every now and then he will catch me by surprise. It's fun to watch my belly make wave like motions as he wriggles around. Sometimes when he really gets going it feels like going down a hill in a roller coaster and your stomach fills full of butterflies.  
Stay tuned for week 25...


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