Thursday, April 18, 2013

Joshlynn's Journey - Week 19 & 20

19 Weeks 

baby size: 10 in. & 8.5 oz.

How I feel about being pregnant: My belly is starting to feel heavy as I'm getting rounder by the day. Laying down and trying to get back up is getting more difficult. I've also noticed I have been more tired this week but not as bad as I was at the beginning of pregnancy. 

Symptoms: heart burn, occasional headaches, & lower back aches 

What I'm most excited about: 4 months left!  SO exciting! 

Cravings: NEW cravings this week are Slim Jim beef sticks & pickles

 Somethings I've done to prepare for baby: Even though the nursery isn't move in ready yet, we are starting to purchase items for the nursery. Woohoo! 

Something sweet my husband did for me: As much as my husband dislikes shopping, he came with me to Jo Ann's Fabric. While we were there I felt that he was more included when I let him pick out the fabric for the bassinet bumper I will soon be making. 

20 weeks

How I feel about being pregnant: Half way there, Yay! This week has been a great one, Baby is getting really good at tumbling keeping mommy awake during the wee hours in the morning.  

Symptoms: The whole nine yards! Hearty appetite, backache, heartburn, indigestion, dreams about motherhood, and forgetfulness.  
I also noticed a few physical changes too. I now have an almost protruding  belly button, and more pronounced boobs with a few small stretch marks but none on my tummy yet.

What I'm most excited about: Coming to realization that it won't be to much longer before baby arrives so I'm feeling a little more nervous but yet still excited at the same time. 

Cravings: Just a hearty appetite. 

Something I've done to prepare for baby: As active as I was pre-pregnancy, it's been tough trying to stay active with nausea accompanying me. So this week I made an effort to go hiking with a friend. We made a day out if it and had fun taking pregnancy pictures along the way. I think we stopped more times to take pictures than we did hiking. 

Stay tuned for week 21...



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