Friday, March 1, 2013

Joshlynn's Journey -Week 13

This week has been one wild roller-coaster ride.
Tuesday morning I woke up feeling well rested, was able to catch a few more Z's than I expected. Went on with my day, ran some errands had lunch with a girlfriend, then came home drank a cup of tea while working on my scrapbook. It was that night I woke up to spotting. My heart dropped!  The only thing I could process was the thought of loosing my baby. I immediately woke my husband up and phoned the on-call nurse. Her advice: if I went through a pad in one hour to immediately go to the emergency room; until then just rest and make an appointment first thing in the morning to see my doctor.
At my appointment the following morning we were able to see that baby was safe and sound. My doctor requested to follow up with a ultrasound so we could look at my placenta and cervix for any further evaluation.  During the ultrasound we were able to get a better look at things. The ultrasound tech pointed out that she was 99.9% sure we were expecting a little boy just at 13.5 weeks... HOW EXCITING!  Even though we left with no answers to why the bleeding was occurring I felt relieved that our baby boy was doing just fine.

That night I started bleeding again,  only worse.  I started to pass blood clots.  My husband and I were terrified and phoned the on-call doctor who gave us further instructions.  It calmed me down as she explained what she thought was happening when I described my symptoms. The following morning I went in for a second ultrasound. We were able to see that baby was still safe and sound and the placenta looked good.  I could tell our little boy is not a morning person when the ultrasound tech tried turning him over. He would cover his face with his arm and roll right back giving us his pout face. We left the doctors office without an answer as to why.  It was only a few hours later my doctor phoned to tell me that when she looked over the ultrasound pictures everything looked good and to follow up with a cervical exam to check for polyps.  Her advice for me right now is to REST! REST! REST!

Stay tuned for week 14..


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