Friday, February 22, 2013

Joshlynn's Journey -Week 12

Week 12 update:

Baby size: Plum

How I feel about being pregnant: Good-bye first trimester, hello second trimester!

Symptoms: Minus my random throw up day, an occasional headache, and lower back aches I have been feeling more energized.

Food cravings: I'm about the same as last week. Water, water and more water!

Something sweet my husband did for me: He made sure my car was running properly for safe commuting back and forth from point A to point B.

What I'm most excited about: I'm so anxious and ready to feel baby wiggle, any week now!

Something I've done to prepare for baby: My husband and I went and picked up supplies for any uncompleted house projects.

Special moment: Every year for my father's birthday we celebrate a special made Thanksgiving dinner with family.  Enjoying that time spent surrounded by the ones I love was special enough.

Stay tuned for our upcoming doctors appointment!


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