Friday, February 15, 2013

Joshlynn's Journey -Week 11


Week 11 update:

Baby size: A lime
How I feel about being pregnant: I've been forewarned that the weeks where you actually feel good are going to go by quick, and it has so far! Week 11 was a great week for me, I got a lot of house work done with no sign of nausea.
Symptoms: My nausea has really died down this week, I think its really starting to subside!
Food Cravings: Not necessarily food but WATER! Lots and lots of water, I felt as if I just finished a marathon.
What I'm most excited about: Future milestones of motherhood.
Something sweet my husband did for me: With all the help around the house, he is definitely winning husband-of-the-year in my eyes.   He installed a dimmer light in the hallway for safe bathroom trips during the night.
Something I've done to prepare for baby: Not sure if this is more for me or the baby, but I bought a pair of comfortable maternity jeans. I still fit in my normal day-to-day jeans.. but they are getting less comfortable by the minute.
Something I found funny: Hormones are something else! I cried in the car over a song that wasn't even meant to be sappy.
Special moment: A trip to Grandma's house, surprising her with a bouquet of flowers. The time spent together having lunch, drinking tea, and looking at old photo albums of her past was special in so many ways.

Stay tuned for week 12...


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