Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Joshlynn Journey -Week 10

What to expect during your first appointment:

The first prenatal appointment usually takes place between eight and ten weeks into a pregnancy. Its the time for your practitioner to determine your general health and fill you in on how to care for yourself and your growing baby as well as address any concerns you have. (Tip: Have a list of questions handy).
My experience:

My husband and I went to my first Prenatal appointment today at 10 weeks.  Everything went extremely well! At first, I was feeling a little nervous meeting my doctor because I wanted to be sure that she was going to be the right fit for us. Also I didn't know what to expect at this appointment, except that it was going to be dry and long. Surprisingly, my doctor had an opening for an ultrasound! At that moment, both my husband and I were rendered speechless. The sight of seeing our little one squirming around with a heartbeat of 160 was the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I didn't know I could feel so much love for such a tiny little peanut.


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