Thursday, January 24, 2013

Joshlynn's Journey

    Some of you might already know this is Joshlynn! If not, she is a long time Grow with Me staffer. One of the great things about our staff is that we all have children, ranging in ages from 4-16. This helps keep us relevant to our customers and the products that are available. As our children grow older each year, the memories of doctors' appointments, name decisions, and maternity clothes fade. Joshlynn and her husband recently announced that they are expecting their 1st baby! This is exciting in so many ways... The start to a new family is one of the greatest stories you can ever tell, and Joshlynn has agreed to share her story with all of us. Starting this month we will have a new Blog, Facebook, and Pinterest series titled "Joshlynn's Journey". She will share her experiences, look for advice, and strengthen the bond that exists between Grow with Me staffers and customers.


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