Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Eve Traditions

Pajamas. My parents borrowed a idea from a family when my brother and I were small and it stuck as a tradition in our family. Christmas Eve everyone gets to open one package. The package is ALWAYS pajamas. The surprise is just in what kind of pajamas – footy pajamas for a six foot tall woman, fleece p.j. bottoms with pockets for the man of the house, Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas for the little boy, princess pajamas with sparkly lights and slippers for the 6 year old girl… Then the whole family dons the pajamas and takes a picture. The idea originally was to have us in clean, new pajamas for Christmas pictures the next morning. Of course, now we have our own homes we get dressed before going to our parent’s house. But wouldn’t it be fun to go in ‘jammies just one year?


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