Friday, November 4, 2011

Winter Skin

   I was out to dinner last night with my children.  They both started to complain about stinging on their lips while eating.  I quickly realized that it has been nice to see the sun the past few days but the bright and shiny days and cold nights has also dried out our skin.  I can feel it in my hands, face, and lips.  I know we dread the months and months of rain but right now a little moisture would be kinder on my skin.

 Some of you have already experienced the benefits of a great line we carry in the shop.  Episencial good-for-you skincare line.  They are very thoughtful in the entire process of making this line.  Our family used it this summer and will now be using it this winter as well. We do have samples and would love to know what you think!  Mention this post and receive 15% OFF of any Episencial purchase!  Plus you can check out this review...


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